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Product Category
   >>  ST
   ST/PC SM 0.9mm
 ST MM Duplex
   >>  SC
   SC 48Core
 SC 24Core
 SC 12Core
 SC/PC 12Core SM 2.0mm
 SC/SC MM Duplex White
 SC/APC 0.9mm Patchcord
 SC/APC 2.0mm/3.0mm
 SC Gray
   >>  FC
   FC 4Core
 FC/UPC 0.9mm
 FC/FC SM Simplex 2.0mm/3.0mm Patchcord
   >>  LC
   LC 12Core
 LC/LC MM Duplex 2.0mm Patchcord
 LC SM 2.0mm Pigtail
 LC/LC OM3 Red
   >>  MTRJ
   >>  MU
   >>  MPO
 MPO/LC MM 0.9mm
 MPO/SC MM Fanout 0.9mm
   >>  E2000
   >>  DIN
   >>  ESCON
   >>  FDDI
   FDDI/FDDI MM Duplex
   >>  Multicable
   SC 24Core
 LC/SC 48C OM4 Aqua
 SC/SC 48C OM3 Aqua
 LC/LC 48Core
PLC Splitter
   >>  Blockless PLC Splitter
   Blockless PLC Splitter 1x32
 Blockless PLC Splitter 1x16
 Blockless PLC Splitter 1x8
 Blockless PLC Splitter 1x4
 Blockless PLC Splitter 1x2
   >>  PLC Splitter With ABSBox
   PLC Splitter With ABSBox 2x64
 PLC Splitter With ABSBox 1x64
 PLC Splitter With ABSBox 2x32
 PLC Splitter With ABSBox 1x32
 PLC Splitter With ABSBox 2x16
 PLC Splitter With ABSBox 1x16
 PLC Splitter With ABSBox 1x8
 PLC Splitter With ABSBox 1x4
   >>  PLC Bare Splitter
   PLC Splitter With Fan-out
 PLC Bare Splitter
   >>  Splice Closure PLC Splitter
   Splice Closure PLC Splitter
 Splice Closure PLC Splitter
   >>  Coupler
   Coupler 1x3
 Coupler 1x2
Fiber Array
   >>  Fiber Array
   Fiber Array
 96CH FR Fiber Array
 48CH FR Fiber Array
 48CH Fiber Array
 32CH Fiber Array
 16CH Fiber Array
 8CH Fiber Array
 5CH PM Fiber Array
 3CH PM Fiber Array
Splitter Chip
   >>  Splitter Chip
   Splitter Chip
 32CH Splitter Chip
 16CH Splitter Chip
 8CH Splitter Chip
 4CH Splitter Chip
   >>  V-groove
 48CH V-groove
 32CH V-groove
 16CH V-groove
 8CH V-groove
Media Converter
   >>  OPK-HM01/HS01-10/100M
   >>  OPK-HS01-Bidi-10/100M
   >>  OPK-GM01/GS01-10/100/1000M
   >>  OPK-GS01-Bidi-10/100/1000M
   >>  OPK-G01-SFP-10/100/1000M
   >>  ST Adapter
   ST Simplex Adapter
 ST Adapter
   >>  SC Adapter
   SC MM Duplex Adapter
 SC MM Simplex Adapter
 SC/APC SM Duplex Adaptor
 SC/APC SM Duplex Adaptor
 SC/APC SM Simplex Adaptor
 SC/APC SM Simplex Adaptor
 SC SM Duplex Adaptor
 SC SM Simplex Adaptor
 SC SM Duplex Adaptor
 SC SM Simplex Adaptor
 SC SM Duplex Adaptor
 SC Adapter
   >>  FC Adapter
   FC Adapter
 FC-PC Adapter
   >>  LC Adapter
   LC Adapter
 LC SM Adaptor
 LC/APC SM Adaptor
 LC MM Adaptor
 LC MM Duplex Adapter
 LC Adapter
 LC SM Duplex Adapter
 LC/APC SM Duplex Adapter
 LC SM Adapter
   >>  MTRJ Adapter
   MTRJ Adapter
 MTRJ Adapter
   >>  DIN Adapter
   DIN Adapter
   >>  Hybrid Adaptor
   Hybrid Adaptor
 Hybrid Adaptor
 SC/FC Duplex Adapter
 ST/FC Duplex Adapter
 SC/ST Duplex Adapter
 Female-Male SC/FC Adapter
 Female-Male SC/ST Adapter
 Female-Male LC/SC Adapter
 LC/SC Adapter
 Female-Male LC/FC Adapter
 Female-Male LC/ST Adapter
 Female-Male SC/ST Adapter
   >>  MU Adapter
   MU Adapter
 MU Adapter
   >>  E2000 Adapter
   >>  Attenuator
 MU Attenuator/MU Adapter
   >>  FC Attenuator
   FC Attenuator
   >>  LC Attenuator
   LC Attenuator
 LC Attenuator
   >>  MU Attenuator
   MU Attenuator
   >>  SC Attenuator
   Female-Male SC 10dB/5dB Attenuator
 Female-Male SC Attenuator
Protective Sleeve
   >>  Splice Protector Sleeve
   Splice Protector Sleeve
   >>  Color Protection Sleeve
   Color Protection Sleeve
   >>  Specification
   >>  ST Connector
   ST Connector
   >>  SC Connector
   SC Connector
   >>  FC Connector
   FC Connector
   >>  LC Connector
   LC Connector
   >>  MTRJ Connector
   MTRJ Connector
   >>  MU Connector
   MU Connector
   >>  DIN Connector
   DIN Connector
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  • High fiber core spacing
  • High-precision polishing angle
  • Multi-channel
  • High reliability


  • PLC Component
  • Arrayed Waveguide Grating(AWG)
  • Active or assive Fiber Array component
  • MEMS Component
  • Multichannel integrated component

Standard compliance:

  • Telcordia GR-1209-CORE
  • Telcordia GR-1221-CORE
  • YD/T1117-2001



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